A shared interest for salmon and sustainable development.

Our story begins with the brother trio: Stig, Ole & Petter Bakke. The brothers have shared an interest in salmon since childhood. As children, Stig and Ole would join their father for salmon fishing in the fjord around Bremanger where they grew up. What was first play, became their careers. Stig and Ole started in the fish farming industry in the late 80’s and by the 90’s they were running farms, and Petter joined his brothers, feeding the fish. 

Stig og Ole Bakke - Smart Salmon

Stig and Ole Bakke

Through the years they have raised – both on land and sea – salmon, trout and cod. Together they have vast experience from different departments (smolt, sea-based farming, slaughtering and processing) and a diverse background from establishing, managing and divesting aquaculture companies.

With their Norwegian heritage and many years experience in fish farming, after meeting AquaMaof in Poland, they established Smart Salmon with the ambition to be a player in the land-based salmon farming. Since 2015 the Bakke brothers have developed a good relationship with AquaMaof and have visited their different facilities around the world several times, as well as their headquarters in Israel. AquaMaof’s RAS technology is simple, safe and cost-effective. 

Since then Smart Salmon has attracted interesting owners and people for its administration and we are all excited to be part of the new wave of land-based fish farming – from large smolt to full grown salmon produced in the heart of the markets. 

Investment opportunities at Smart Salmon

We have started raising capital for phase one – a 7.500 tonnes flexible farm for large smolt and full-grown salmon in Norway – and today we have land, license and preliminary facility design in place. We have so far raised 50 MNOK in new equity and are now conducting the final design. The next step is to raise capital combined with listing at Euronext Growth, before starting construction.

The project in Norway, is at Smørhamn, Bremanger. But our vision doesn’t end here.

A project in France is being simultaneously planned. We have ready a preliminary design, and are now working with our French partners to be granted all licenses and building permits for 8.000 tonnes of fish. Our French facility will include a hatchery, nursery and full grow-out area, as well as slaughtering and processing departments delivering consumer branded products, all under the same roof. The concept is a carbon-neutral and fully-circular fish farm, with the ambition to have greenhouse productions from recycled resources from the fish production.


RAS fish farms


tonnes yearly production
in Norway


tonnes yearly production
in France


tonnes yearly production
aim for 2030


MNOK raised in
new equity


We are a multi-disciplinary team of aquaculture experts with years of experience and a passion for the industry.

Our founding members, management team and partners have extensive salmon farming and RAS experience along with experience from genetics, smolt production, farming, biology and fish health management, and also industrial and financial expertise from the seafood industry.

For us to be sustainable is more than taking care of the environment, but also to take care of ourselves, each other and the planet. Therefore we aim to have diversity within our team, responsible operations and to engage with the local community. By providing jobs opportunities in local areas, Smart Salmon will contribute to local value creation for rural communities. We are socially and environmentally conscious. For Smart Salmon it is important how we conduct business operations, so that they are not only profitable but also responsible, making the right impact in the long term, for the environment and people.

Petter Bakke - Smart Salmon
Petter Bakke

CEO & Farmer

Experience & Education:

  • 16 years of experience from fish farming
  • 10 years within trading, portfolio management and equity sales
  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Ole Bakke - Smart Salmon
Ole Bakke

Business Developer & Innovator

Experience & Education:

  • More than 20 years of experience from various salmon and cod farming businesses
  • 7 years of experience as managing director in Seamatech and Sjøtunga AS
  • Education: Aquaculture DH
Ole-Alexander Palm - Smart Salmon
Ole-Alexander Palm

CFO & Strategist

Experience & Education:

  • Experienced seafood consultant with 10 years of experience from strategy and M&A related advisory
  • Acted as COO for a Norwegian fish farmer for almost 2 year
  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Alf-Kåre Askeland - Smart Salmon
Alf Kåre Askeland

Project Manager

Experience & Education:

  • 10 years experience in project management
  • Previous experience from the oil and gas industry
  • MSc in Economics and Business Administration
Smart Salmon
Arild Lokøy

Project Developer France

Experience & Education:

  • Running salmon/trout farm in France
  • Deep local knowledge and network in Brittany
  • Owns 20 % of the French project
Cristiane Hamnes - Smart Salmon
Cristiane Hamnes

Brand Manager

Experience & Education:

  • 15 years of experience in communication design
  • Previous consulting experience for the aquaculture industry
  • BA (Hons) in Design & Art Direction


Tom Ivar Sætremyr - Smart Salmon

Tom Ivar Sætremyr


Seafood experience from Nordea

Stig Bakke

Board member

Founder and Farming Executive

Åsmund Baklien - Smart Salmon

Åsmund Baklien

Board member

Farming Executive. Pharmaq, Novartis, Noraqua

Olav Refvik

Board member

Experienced investor and business leader. Former head of the oil trading business at Statoil and later a similar role at Morgan Stanley.

Bjørn Myrseth

Board member

Investor and independent consultant with extensive experience from RAS companies.

Gitte Christensen

Board member

Over 25 years experience in the aquaculture industry. Aqua Maof Marketing Manager Scandinavia.

Johannes Eckhoff

Board member

Many years work experience in business development and project finance. SFL Corporation Ltd Vice President, Business Development.