Smart Salmon partnering with Samonix

Samonix - Smögenlax - Smart Salmon

Smart Salmon Group is delighted to announce a major strategic partnership for our land-based salmon farming ambitions. Together with Smøgenlax, we have established a strategic partnership with Samonix in the Ouebec region in Eastern Canada.

For its first project, Samonix is aiming to establish a 10 000 ton land-based salmon farm using Aqua Maof technology.

Samonix has set together a very solid and interdisciplinary skilled team, and by joining forces from Scandinavia, we aim for excellence in land-based Atlantic salmon aquaculture.

Smøgenlax are specialists in wastewater management, while the Smart Salmon team contributes with extensive experience from practical fish farming and several years in the land-based business in Norway and France. Together we look forward to pushing back the boundaries of innovation in this sector with a healthy, eco-responsible approach.