Project Norway

A smart solution in the center of a major fish farming cluster

A 7.500 t flexible post-smolt and full-size Atlantic salmon farm in Bremanger.

Salmon is the most popular fish in the world. It is a superfood rich in Omega-3 qualities, iodine, fatty acids, vitamin D. Research from the Norwegian Seafood Council shows that Norwegian salmon is preferred due to its reputation of quality and sustainability, and comes highly recommended across audiences, and purchases are based on quality, availability and price, in that order. With our project in Norway, we aim to address these issues. Smart Salmon is committed to producing safe, sustainable, healthy and nutritious quality food.


Salmon farmers are lacking large post-smolt to secure further sustainable growth at sea. Smart Salmon can contribute to fill this gap. Our concept will also contribute to increase sustainability for the traditional fish farming at sea and produce sustainable full-grown salmon on land.

Smart Salmon has acquired a 45.000 m2 location in Smørhamn in Bremanger, where we have been granted permission for a land-based fish farm. We have the possibility to acquire an additional 40.000 m2, with a long term potential of 250.000 m2 site. The project will be built in two stages, with licenses for a total of 7.500 tonnes yearly production.


Stage one is a 2.500 tonnes post-smolt facility with construction starting already in autumn 2021. This first stage is low risk and yet profitable. Stage two is a 5,000 tonnes facility with a flexible solution of producing both post-smolt and full-grown salmon on-site, depending on the market’s demand.

  • 2021

    Start of design & engineering phase.

  • 2022


  • 2023


  • 2024

    Construction complete 2500 tonn Q3.

    First sale of 500 g smolt Q4.

  • 2025

    Capacité maximum 2500 tonnes (phase 1).

    Construction site 5000 tonnes (phase 2).


m2 building facility


tonnes total yearly


MNOK capital
for stage 1a


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