A land-based salmon farm that is

A land-based salmon farm that is


A smart eco-system based on RAS


Production of smolt and whole fish


Low environmental impact

A flexible & sustainable land-based salmon company with investment projects in Norway and France.

A multi-disciplinary & solid team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of aquaculture experts with years of experience and passion for the industry.

Our story and our people


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Project Norway

Flexibility ensures profitability

A flexible farm for post-smolt and full-grown salmon located in Bremanger, the centre of a major fish farming cluster in the north west coast of Norway.

We will start the project by building a 2,500 tonnes post-smolt farm with a production of 500+ grams large smolt. This smart solution is low risk and yet profitable. The next stage will be a 5,000 tonnes unit with the flexibility of producing post-smolt and/or full grown salmon on-site, depending on the market’s demand. 

Project France - smartsalmon.no
Project France

Self-sufficient & fully-circular

France is the second largest market for farmed Atlantic salmon in the world. The facility will be located in Brittany, 4 hours from Paris and also close to other markets in central Europe.  

Our ambition is to have a highly sustainable farm that is fully self-sufficient and fully circular, meaning it will have a zero carbon footprint. The farm will have production from eggs to full-grown salmon, and process consumer brand products.

Our projects are smart, profitable & sustainable.

A smart eco-system based on RAS

Technology provider and Smart Salmon partner AquaMaof (AM) has developed an innovative RAS technology that stands out in terms of lower energy use and biosecurity.  

Working with nature, they leverage next generation techniques to develop a cost-effective, land-based indoor aquaculture technology which makes seafood production both efficient and sustainable.

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