Partnering with Smøgenlax

Claes Lundberg, Bengt Gunnarsson og Joel Oresten

Smart Salmon France

Partnering with Smøgenlax AB

Smart Salmon is proud to announce that Smøgenlax AB has become a co-owner in Smart Salmon France Holding AS. The parties have had a good relationship for many years, now turning this into a formal framework. Smøgenlax has extensive competency from the foodstuff industry, specialized in water- and waste treatment including running a biogas facility ( in Sweden. Merging this expertise together with Smart Salmon’s fish farming and French system competency, the company will stand stronger in realizing the plans for super sustainable land-based salmon farming in France. As a result of the capital increase, Smart Salmon is looking forward to extending its efforts in France, and Joel Oresten from Smøgenlax will take an active role by joining the board.