Application in France delivered

Smart Salmon France

Application for license delivered

After many years of escalating work, it is a pleasure to inform that Smart Salmon recently has delivered the application for land based salmon farming in France. Smart Salmon has applied for an 8000 ton license based on Aqua Maof technology. Aqua Maof together with Alde Aqua, Cesia among others, have been of utmost importance in the application process. The application contains an ICPE-part and a construction-part and includes more than 1000 pages in addition to detailed 3D models of all parts of the planned facility. With reference to the application, Smart Salmon is planning to produce the fish all the way from eggs to consumer friendly packages of fresh fillet.

Smart Salmon is excited regarding the plans for salmon production in France, but we recognize some resistance to the plans. We are respecting the opponents’ views, but we believe that most of the opposition is due to inaccurate information, even though Smart Salmon has had a strong focus on informing the public and all stakeholders. Our facility will produce some of the most environmentally friendly animal proteins in the world, and this is backed by our ESG-report released earlier this week.

See ESG-report here.
The processing time for such applications in France is 9-12 months. Smart Salmon organization and its partners has gained substantial competency regarding bureaucracy, culture and possibilities in France during the application process. In the time to come we will be monitoring the progress of our first application as well as considering other sites in France to apply for a second license. Smart Salmon’s vision to become a land based farmer of super sustainable salmon in France stands solid.