High quality facility, high quality large smolt

High quality facility, high quality large smolt

Smart Salmon has entered an advanced design and engineering phase of its 2,500 tonnes large smolt facility. We are thorough and are therefore investing the necessary time and resources to make sure we obtain excellent water conditions in our facility with regards to all parameters and especially the CO2 levels. We are sure that growing smolt in low CO2 levels during its time on land is a prerequisite for an optimal growth and survival rate at sea. We are also investigating and taking into consideration the impact of alkalinity and pH.

Our facility will have high quality monitoring and alarm systems, and we will be able to provide our customers with documentation of the water parameters the fish have been exposed to during its land phase. This assures our customers of the quality of our large smolt.

We plan to start construction in Q2-2022, and to deliver our first batch in Q4-2023. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about large smolt and deliveries. We look forward to supplying sea-based customers with high quality large smolt! Our ambition is to be a flexible partner and supplier, and we are already planning the next phase of 5,000 tonnes sequentially after completion of the 2,500 tonnes facility.

Learn more about our project in Norway.