Signed agreement with Nordfjord company HS Bygg

Smart Salmon will build a facility for the production of 2,500 tonnes of big smolt in Smørhamn, with the Nordfjord company HS Bygg as contractor. Construction is scheduled to start as early as this autumn.

“It is gratifying to get this contract in place with a solid, local contractor such as HS Bygg. We see an enormous potential in this project and are now working to complete the plans,” says Petter Bakke, CEO of Smart Salmon Group AS.

A few years ago, Smart Salmon received a license to build a hatchery for the production of up to 2,500 tonnes of big smolt at the Smørhamn site in Bremanger municipality in Western Norway. Today, fish farmers release smolt into the sea with an average weight of about 170 grams. The smolt that we will sell to salmon farmers, on the other hand, will be allowed to live in a protected environment until they weigh over 500 grams. big smolt becomes more robust, fresher and more resistant to disease and salmon lice. 

“On land, we have full control over the environment of the fish at the same time as the water is purified and waste products are utilized as a resource. Furthermore, big smolt needs less time in the sea until they are ready for slaughter. In this way, we contribute to making salmon farming more sustainable with less discharges into the sea, less lice and less disease problems,” says Petter Bakke.

The technology and fish farming company AquaMaof will deliver equipment for cleaning and recycling in the facility that HS Bygg will set up. AquaMaof’s technology is robust and is used around the world in a number of facilities, both for salmon, trout and other species.

Smart Salmon and AquaMaof have had an initial collaboration with HS Bygg the last two years with preliminary design plans. Building on this collaboration is crucial, now that the details are to be laid and the construction work is to start. The fact that HS Bygg has local expertise and extensive experience with the construction of large projects, from gondola lifts to shopping centers, makes us confident that we have chosen the right partner.

Construction is scheduled to start as early as this autumn. Stage one of the construction is a big smolt facility with an annual capacity of 2,500 tonnes. Smart Salmon also has a license for an additional 5,000 tonnes, and the ambition is to build a large flexible facility for the production of both big smolt and full-sized Salmon in Bremanger.

In Bremanger, Smart Salmon has access to fresh water and their plot is in the heart of the Norwegian fish farming cluster, and therefore within short distance to our customers.

Smart Salmon -

Smørhamn, Bremanger